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Full Version: HP's "Calculator Club"
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So, what is HP's new (?) "HP Calculator Club"?


Is it actually worth signing up for?

Probably not ! you get a bundle of "calculator ttf fonts" (keys and suchlike) which seem pretty naff, and some unexciting special offers of no use to most people. The forum seems to have disappeared
into a reorganisation of HP support forums - I can't find it, but wouldn't have thought it's got anything that this one hasn't)

Do you know how old the Calculator Club is? This is the first I've heard of it, but I'm also not that plugged in.

I wonder if HP uses the Calculator Club as a method for collecting data w/r/t decision support. E.g., if all of us signed up, just seeing the large headcount might encourage them to invest more in R&D.

I think that a more effective message could be sent by buying up 15C LEs by the handful :)

The engineers responsible for calculator design at HP read this forum and are more our less sympathetic to concerns expressed here. But decisions about what sort of machine to produce are made on the basis of sales figures, projected or actual. Even if the 15C is not your ideal calculator, if you like keystroke programmable RPN calculators, buying a 15C could send a louder message than all the entreaties you might make on a calculator forum.

Not sure exactly, but I think it's been around for at least a few years.