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Full Version: Nothing says I Love You like a 15C LE!
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Received my two 15C LE units on Saturday. One was for me and the other was a gift for my wife who is a college professor. She has an original 15C she purchased as an undergrad in 1982, but its keyboard has been having problems for the last few years (sometimes numbers get entered and sometimes they do not). It got to a point where the original 15C just sat in a drawer most of the time. I got her a 32SII back in the late 90s... she uses it, but wasn't thrilled with it.

Well, she was very happy to receive the new 15C LE. She loves the keyboard layout, and since she is familiar with all the functions and where they are located, she can speed through calculations much faster. She says I did good!


If you want the keyboard of your original HP-15C restored, please, send an email to arturmariojr at gmail dot com.
Don't let such great calculator rest on a drawer.
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