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Full Version: HHC--- be patient tomorrow please
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Hi all. We are setting up the conference location and are running into a few interesting challenges. We will be packed tighter than usual with perhaps the largest crowd in years.

There will be no Internet access in the conference room.

The chairs may not be as comfy as previous years.

We are doing our best as we set up now but wanted to let people know early

The presentations are going to be great but please be patient this weekend!

First Prize for the programming contest should be a comfy chair and Internet access. You'll get full participation!


Decided at the end of the conference of course.

- Pauli

You can collect your winnings at next year's conference. ;-)


Hi all,

have fun at the HHC2011:-)

Wish I could participate, hopefully next year...

Best wishes from Germany


I just returned from the shake-hands in the Elephant Bar. This was my first encounter with the group and I must say it was a very warm welcome. Namir has kept his promise to buy me beer. :-)

I'm looking forward to the meeting tomorrow.

Sigh :-(

- Pauli

You guys were supposed to let me know if there was a dinner... :-(

Just touched down at Lindbergh Field. See you all too early in the morning. :)

Double-sigh :-(


It was discussed in the HHC mailing list.


I'm sorry to post here, I did not know where I could apply, I would like to order a cable to connect my HP 15C to a PC in order to make updates.

In advance thank you, my mail contact zork750@yahoo.fr to tell me how.