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Full Version: OpenRPN: How about a desktop HP-42S?
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A problem with the OpenRPN calculator is more of a hardware problem than a software problem.

But I'm looking at my HP-97 and thinking, with a desktop calculator, size isn't a problem, neither is power really. Find a case, 37 switches (or more!) and a large dot-matrix LCD screen. I'm sure there is probably some DIY thermal printer we could interface with too (if not, it isn't a big deal if we can interface with a PC). Add a USB or perhaps an SD slot, use code derived from Free42S, an Atmel or PIC based motherboard, and we're in business.

Just thinking out loud here. A desktop size model might reduce a lot of complexity, making it easier to get our feet wet.

Complexity of a desktop is not that much less than a handheld.

The main difference being that the keypad would be easier with off the shelf keyboard PCB mount switches. But key legend problems still remain.

If you want a desktop, then great, go for it. But if it's just to "get your feet wet" then I don't see any advantage in it. Most of the construction/production techniques are fairly different between the two.


IMHO, the market for this desktop is even smaller than for the pocket edition. YMMV