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Full Version: Unusual HP 15C on TAS
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This is an unusual HP 15C on TAS.

Looks like an ordinary 11C to me.

Exactly. I wonder if the high bidder, who has two bids placed, realizes this. The entire description states that it's an HP 15C, and the logo is either missing or blurred to the point that one can't see the model number.

It looks as though the hp logo is missing.

I've asked the seller to consider running the ON/divide test and report the result, which should of course be "15."

There may be too little time for seller's response (if any) to affect the sale, which ends about 2 hours from the time of my message.

Look at the front and back photos. It's clearly an 11C.

It's obviously an 11C. 15Cs have "MATRIX" as the orange-shifted function of CHS, not pi.

Seller got "11" as his ON/divide result, and realizes it's an 11C. I said that if it were me I'd cancel the auction. We'll see -- my bet is seller cancels.

He didn't cancel... Just sold!

You beat me to it. I told him it was a 11C too.
I guess he hopes that the buyer will not care and will want it anyway, which is probably not the case at all.

I also sent him a message, about an hour before closing.

Actually, I sent the seller a message before posting this thread over 2 hours ago, stating that it was an 11c and not a 15c. I never received a reply and doubt she cares.

What makes you think it's a woman? [;-)

What makes you think it's a man ? ;)

Edited: 19 Sept 2011, 11:49 p.m.

I guess he hopes that the buyer will not care....

The buyer might be aware and hope to haggle a discount or partial refund from the buyer once he/she has the calculator. It's not only sellers that can be sly...

This same unit went up for auction about a month ago as well. I suspect that whoever purchased it last time -- for indeed it was purchased -- realized the deception and either returned it or refused to pay.

We'll see what happens this time...