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Full Version: 33S times off in 4 seconds
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I opened a 33s I had stored, no display. I replaced the cells, still shuts off. It passes keyboard test and self running test.
I tried the pinhole reset both on and off, still fails. Have I lost a calculator?

I hated my 33s and sold it. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Consider this a blessing in diguise. Now that I've got a couple of HP 15C LEs to keep company with my original 15C, 32S and 32SII, maybe my junky 35s isn't too far behind.

I don't know, but I do know that I've had to change batteries at least twice on my 33S. Even medium usage seems to run them down more often than I'd like.

But are you sure the cells get run down?? Did you take the batteries afterward to a meter?

Didn't check the old cells, but no display. It's pdd it kept it's display setting. With newer cells stays running during manual kepboard and several cycles of self running teest so the cells are adequate. I recalled the pinhole reset, nothing.

Yes, battery drain is a problem. Use my 33s on a daily basis. Often a small program involving the solve command. Anyway, it "eats" cells.