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Full Version: Message concerning shipment from Samson Cables
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I just got a message from Samson Cables concerning the shipment of my ordered HP 15C LE (I am from Hong Kong):


Your order is ready to ship but I need a clarification on shipping.

When we originally listed the 15C we estimated the 15C as 1 lb but it is actually 2 lbs shipping weight which limits our shipping options. With the $24 you paid we can send the calculator in a USPS Priority Flat Rate Padded Mailer. If you would like it shipped in a box, which is safer, the rate is higher. To complicate matters, due to the popularity of the 15C, we have temporarily run out of USPS Priority Flat Rate Padded Mailers.

Please choose from one of these options:

1) Pay an additional $8 and have it shipped in a box USPS Priority Mail (no tracking).
2) Pay an additional $16 and have it shipped in a box USPS Express Mail (with tracking, 3-5 business day delivery)
3) No extra charge, ship in USPS Priority Flat Rate Padded Mailer (no tracking, 1 week wait for shipment of padded mailers)

We can charge the extra payment to your order credit card or you may PayPal the difference to orders@samsoncables.com.

I apologize for the delay and thank you for your understanding. We will wait for your direction before shipping.



Anyone else also got the above message?

I got the same message, even though I was charged $16 for shipping not $24. I would've been upset if the calculator showed up in a padded mailer and I told them so.

Nice they asked, then. It's still you paying for their mistake, however.

Same here. Paid additional 8 bugs for a box. So shipment costs are up to 1/3 of the calculators price. Initinally I was charged 24 USD for transport. Now it is 32 making the final price being 132 USD.

So all guys "over there" should be happy with 79-85 USD from buy.com :-) In Europe it has always been a bit more expensive being a HP-enthusiast...

Yes, it is nice that they asked first and I did authorize them to charge the extra $8. $24 to ship from the US to Canada is about right. I remember thinking that the original $16 was too cheap.

hmmm they never asked me, charged me $16 for shipping claim it went out Tuesday.

Their web page said it was shipped on Tuesday for me too, but it didn't actually leave until today. I bet yours has shipped in a padded envelope instead of a box because I think part of the problem was that they ran out of envelopes.