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Full Version: HP 15C LE Manual Erratum
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On page 42 of the "Owner's Handbook," The second sentence of the first paragraph reads in part

... (see the diagram of the registers on the inside back cover).

There is no register diagram on the inside back cover.

Offered in the spirit of improvement. :)

edit: removed an error my old eyes told me existed in the naming of the default registers at power up.

Edited: 13 Sept 2011, 10:52 p.m. after one or more responses were posted

Actually, the decimal points are there but are so tiny as to be almost invisible.

Yup, just caught that and edited the original post. The other point remains: the reference to the back cover is valid for the original manual, but not the current one.

Now if you really want to be picky, on page 61, changing the decimal separator from a period to a comma the example shows:


instead of the correct format:


"Picky" is definitely what I'm going for here. :) Good catch. In the spirit of pickiness, I'll point out that the error you mention also occurs in the original Owner's Handbook.

Not in mine.

My bad eyes again. :(

If I want to be picky, I'll have to use a magnifying glass, LOL.

The index entry for "Hyperbolic functions" should start on a new line.

on page 35, bottom of the page, the [+] should be a [รท]?

Yes. Two places.

On page 124, under Manipulating the Real and Imaginary Stacks, "...twice restore a number to..." should be "...to restore a number to...".