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Full Version: HP 15E Bach Company
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I just got an email from Bach Company that the 15LE won't be in until late September. I may try another company to see if I can get one in time of the HHC conference next week.

I am going to try buy.com. If they ship earlier, Bach has offered me a refund, but I will wait for a confirmation first.

Amazon says: Delivery estimate: Sept. 16, 2011 - Oct. 3, 2011
2 "HP 15C Scientific Calculator Limited Edition"

Amazon (Samson Cables) said this as well, but when I check the tracking number they sent me (being shipped today) it says deliver on the 14th which is two days from now. Here's hoping it's correct anyway.

It's good timing, since my 41CX that has had issues with the keyboard seems to have died completely last night.