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Full Version: Secret prototype of the next generation HP calcs
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Oooh! I'll bet it was left in a San Diego bar, too.

Glad to see that retro-futurio-jetsonian look coming back.

yeah, I love that Wall-e'esque HP15C look too ;-)

No, no... that's the TI-30 Sphere, a new journey of exploration into the unit sphere from TI.

Looks a lot like a Pok├ęball.

- Pauli

In space, no one can see you use an "=" key.

....not that Michael would ever use an = key.

Edited: 10 Sept 2011, 9:42 a.m.

Haven't you heard ? = is the new Enter.

Wow, I've never seen the RCA calculator in that color scheme. What's the model number?

This is what Voltorb does to make some money on the side.