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Full Version: How many HP 15c do you plan to order?
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Just curious about if anyone ordered more than one HP 15c?:
I ordered 3: one to use, one for a gift and one keep in a box....

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I have ordered three units from Samson Cables, for the same reasons you have.

Same as you.

2. Just to keep the production running.

I ordered two. One to use, one to keep in the box. Glad I got in on the good deal from buy.com while the price was so low.

I will own two. If we don't get one at the HHC meeting, I'll purchase a second one.

My first one is due in next Thursday. I was too cheap to pay for expedited shipping. :)

Why is it taking so long ? When did you place your order ? I placed mine yesterday, and it's due in on Monday. Tracking already shows it has arrived in my city (Fort Worth), and would probably be delivered tomorrow if it were not a Saturday.

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I keep seeing hopes that the 15c LE will be floating down from the sky at the upcoming HHC meeting. :-)

This is a very limited run and I do not expect to see a lot of these given away - at all. While I have no internal information one way or the other, I really REALLY do not expect a cart containing 100 of these guys to roll in at the conference.

HP has been kind enough to give some freebies the last several years, but again they are gifts and while gifts can be hoped for, they might or might not happen again.

Perhaps everyone should hope instead for a nice new HP 10bII+ instead? :-)

Bottom line ... IMO ... if you want a 15c LE, then BUY ONE. :-)

Or 2, or 10, etc.

I'm an optimistic sort of person. :)

I know I'm taking a risk by not buying two right now.

Interesting. I ordered mine at 5:00 PM pacific time yesterday. It shipped today, and my delivery date is estimated to be Thursday as well. I live in Santa Clara, California.

We will not be handing out 15c units at the conference. That was last year.

There might be 1 or 2 on the prize table, but probably not placed there by HP.


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OK, thanks for the tip, Tim.

Pursuant to Gene's and Tim's advice, I've ordered a second one from buy.com.

First Buy.com had the HP 15C LE listed for $78.99. Then early today they increased it to $84.99. Just now I checked and it has increased again to $89.99. Before long, it will cheaper to buy it on TAS. The early bird gets the worm.

Demand pushing up the price? I wonder how many they sold in the first 24 hours. More than 100? 200?



Glad I bought early. Up $11 in 36 hours! Nearly a 14% increase.

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Yeah, and I got mine for only $73.99 with the $5 coupon and free economy shipping. :)

Yup. I paid $89.99 for my second unit.

My tracking shows Dallas and my door(fort worth) monday before 4:30. I got a paycheck on saturday from the Fed people but i'm sure there was a premium paid to make that happen.

I just ordered two HP-15C Limited Edition calculator's from Buy.com. As I was online ordering the first one at 5:30am (EDT) on 9/10/2011, the price jumped from $89.99 to $99.99. I was able to get a second one ordered by using the back button on my browser to find the $89.99 price again and create a 2nd order. It appears that Buy.com is increasing the price, yet again. I noticed that they list the seller as "Samson Innovations". If you Google this company, they are a Chinese(Hong Kong) exporter. Hope I'm not ordering some knock-off that isn't HP sanctioned.

Ordered one, but will buy one from the 2nd production run. Rumors are, the chinese are already busy scratching Us and Ns into the bezel.

More than 10,000. ;)

No, Buy.com is still $89.99. Samson is a different seller, and you don't need to buy from them for $99.99.

I ordered one. Not more. I just want to check the quality. A year ago I bought a dozen 12c platinums, because I got them for $20 a piece, but you won't believe me, 8 had scratches on the bezel in the brand new sealed package. So I want to make sure that I don't buy a scratched china toy.

Other question. What does limited mean? Some say 10.000 units. Then after that? What? All thyt hype for some calculators?

Why not offering them all over the world in the next decade? Won't there be any more engineers in a year or 2? I still don't get it.

My assumptions about this are:

  1. The idea for the machine was sold inside HP by someone who cared about this community. In other words, bringing back the 15C was mostly about thrilling people who had clamored for it for years.
  2. The reason it was sellable inside HP, is that they had a pretty good idea they wouldn't lose money making it. I think they used the popularity of 15C emulators as one way to judge the actual market for these things.
  3. Whether or not they make more than 10,000 is going to depend on whether the current batch sells out. That's obvious, but it's still an open question in my mind if they will or won't. It sure seems like Buy.com wouldn't be raising the price in the face of soft demand, however.

Whether or not they make more than 10,000 is going to depend on whether the current batch sells out

I honestly don't think the question is if the current production run sells out (because it will), but far more about how quickly it sells out.

10k units in a month is justification for another run. 10k units in a year isn't.

- Pauli

I can't even find the Samson Innovation price that the OP mentioned.