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Full Version: need the reprogramming cable for the 30b...
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are the cables to reprogram the HP30b, still being distributed? (I need one...)

Is mr. gene wright still the source for them?

please help

thank you

(ps is there any description or schematic for what this cable is exactly, and how it works?)

Try sending Gene an email through the forum.

I tried to send him a mail but didn't get a response yet. Guess I'll wait a little bit more & maybe try again. thx

ps is there any description or schematic for what this cable is exactly, and how it works?

I don't have a schematic bu I know what the cable does. :-)

It's a level shifter to adapt the 3V TTL level serial pins on the connector to valid RS232 levels suitable for a PC serial port. In addition it provides two buttons: a RESET button to reset the processor and an ERASE button which will erase the flash memory contents of the processor: Turn the calculator on, press and hold erase, press any key on the calculator.) Erasing the flash will make the SAM-BA boot loader active which will connect to the SAM-BA flashing utility.

With the WP 34S firmware installed, the cable can be used to exchange data between the calculator and an emulator on the PC.

but there's no description anywhere, of what the guts of the cable actually are?

Here are all the details.

Hi. Don't think I ever got an email. Try again. :-)

thank you

Hi there
(sorry for being a n00b)
I tried again just now, did the mail make it to you?
thanks again

Nope. Perhaps you have to associate an email with your user-name here for it to work?

I have had no problems getting emails from many other cable-seekers here, so something else must be happening.

Associate an email and let ME send an email your direction. Let's see if that will work.


I had entered an email & marked it for public, but I guess that didn't work (? ?)

Anyhow I now entered my original email, that I used to register for the forum, and it should be public.

Did it work? It's srkmz[ @ ]sentex.net


I assume that since there is an increased drain on the 30b's batteries when connected through the programming cable, that you would want to keep the connection time to a minimum?

thanks! I've been looking for that.

Since the cable contains a level shifter which is fed by the 3V pads on the calculator sockets, it draws power from the coin cells. This is true even with the calculator turned off. I measured a current draw around 4 mA.

Hi Gene

I'm also unable to send you emails through the forum.

To make contact, could I ask you to send me a message instead?


Hi Gene,

I've also tried to reach you thru the forum email without success. Wasn't sure if there was a problem, or your inbox was 500 deep.

At any rate I tweaked my e-mail options and I tried again. Let me know if you didn't get it.


-- Dan