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Full Version: Updated SandMath-II and 41Z modules
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With summer gone I thought it'd be a good time to post updated versions of the classics, so here they are.

Updated 41Z - Revision 9F.

Includes minor code enhancements and a bug fixing for corner cases in ZSQRT. Also corrects issues involving the inverse hyperbolic functions used from a ROM, like in the ZMTV program.

Updated SandMath-II
I removed two functions redundant with other modules, which freed up some vital space for enhancements. Added the following:

- A new Statistics function menu

- Improvements to the special functions launcher, adding Carlson Integrals and Hankel functions sub-sections.

- JM Baillard's excellent Borwein implementation to calculate Riemann's Zeta.

- A new V41 overlay reflecting the changes:
[SandMath-II Overlay]

All available at TOS for download.


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- JM Baillard's excellent Borwein implementation to calculate Reimann's Zeta.

Poor Mr Riemann, an often misspelled person. ;-)

ok, hardly the most relevant part of the post but I got it :-)

Reimann's Zeta.

Sounds just a typo to me, rather than mispelling, like sieze intead of seize. In typing, these vowels are assigned to the medium fingers, hence some occasional confusions. Ryemann or Rainman would have been mispelling :-)

I think you're right Gerson, more and more my fingers go their own way independent from the eyes on the keyborad...

It's actually a relatively frequent typo amongst native english speakers - which I'm not, but that's another story. Since I live in germany I'm very aware of the "ie" vs. "ei" diphthongs, so shame on me I also fell into the same trap.

I came across the same error in the WP 34S sources in more than one place. I'll never understand why the same vowel [i:] is spelled differently in "receive" and "believe". But this makes me understand why native English speakers tend to confound the two.

Ángel, where are you located in Germany?

I'll never understand why the same vowel [i:] is spelled differently in "receive" and "believe".

Etymology (Anglo-French receivre > receive) and the Great Vowel Shift might offer some explanation.