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Full Version: HP 71b soft case decomposing...
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i have a problem with my hp71b soft case. The internal side of the soft case produce a lot of (rubber?) powder. Do you know if there is a way to restore or just stop this phenomena?

I was trying to show you a couple of pictures but no way to do it (for me).



I had the same problem with several HP-71B cases. I just put them in the clothes washer with detergent and then air dried them. It was a great success.


this is normal for certain production runs of these cases.

Just put the case into hand warm water in which you dissolved some washing powder before.

Let the case stay the one or other hour, and then rinse out the dark water:-)

You'll se most of the granulate is one.



thank you very much for your answers.

wow! A lot of black powder came out from the soft case. Now i am waiting it dries...

thank again