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Full Version: How many of you bought HP's 15C app for iOS?
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I did. I also bought a couple of others. But I'm an enthusiast. I wonder how many other people bought HP's app? I thought at the time that it might have been a vehicle to gauge demand among the iPhone toting set for a real 15C.

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I bought it. My only wish is that they would update it to allow you to change the volume of the key clicks. It is just annoyingly loud.

I bought it (and the 12c emulator) when they came out. I agree with Norman regarding the loud key clicks.

I didn't. I have Free42 on my Droid. Oh yes, I also have three real ones scattered around at home and work. ;-)


I have a whole collection of emulators on my iPhone/iPod/iPad. They include HP-21, HP-25, HP-35, HP-45, HP-55, HP-70, HP-80, HP-41CX, and HP-48GX.



I bought the Vicinno 15c app with a key click on off switch.

On my iDevices I only have m48+ , which is capable of running my SpeedUI;-)

Back then when I had a Nokia 770 and later an N810, I had a customized version of Free42 installed, with a layout like a Voyager (42C, hi Egan;-)


I guess I'm just an iLuddite. I don't have any iDevices.

I do have free42 on my Palm Tungsten, and I'd probably go for an HP-15C on that device. And for the PC as well.

I would have bought it for Win Mobile or Win7, but don't own Apple devices.

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Same here, the Free42 is on my iPhone. It serves my purposes nicely when my 35S isn't near by and the price of the Free42 was perfect!

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Don't feel bad. I was one of those Luddites too until my manager decided I needed a company-issued cell phone. The standard one issued here is the ifruit variety. The phone is nice but ATT absolutely stinks.

Since I'm not paying for it I shouldn't complain, right?

Unfortunately, Apple decided that we couldn't update it.

When the application was developed, it was submitted under the 3rd party developer but using HP's digital certificate. We had several fixes in place and went to submit it less than a month later but could no longer do so. In the meantime, Apple updated the submission process so that it would specifically check for this situation and only allow applcations to be submitted under the same name as the certificate.

However, they would not fix the old applications that were done that way and this effectively orphaned them.


Almost the same here on my iPod Touch.

Thanks for clearing that up Tim. I figured it was something like that. Probably doesn't make sense to start a new Ap with the real 15C coming back out, at least for a while anyway. .