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Full Version: WP 34S: Emulator has learned new tricks
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I've taught the Windows GUI emulator a few new tricks. This should improve the usability. It's all around the secondary mouse button, MB2, for most of us the right one.

You can now use MB2 to press and hold the shift keys. The key symbol stays inverted and the code is sent to the application. When you now press any other key (keyboard or mouse), the presence of the shift is being sensed. Most commands behave the same as if the shift key were simply pressed before it. On some commands, this produces a slightly modified behavior, notably the base 2, 8, 10 and 16 commands which switch to a temporary display when executed while the shift key is down. The special display stays active until you press another key.

As long as the shift key is inverted, all keys are preceded by the respective shift. The real device behaves the same.

Use MB2 again on the same shift to release it. Pressing the shift with MB2 twice in a row will let the key symbol in the display stay active: This is just the same as pressing and then releasing the key on the real device.

Pressing any of the other keys with MB2 will execute the green function of the key. This is handy for switching between catalogs.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I've fixed a bug which made it impossible for the emulator to react properly on PC keyboard input with shifted keys. On a German keyboard it should now be possible to execute multiplication with shift "+" (talking about the PC shift key of course). You may have to update the skin files to the newest version together with the emulator DLL and the wp34sgui executable.

Edited: 30 Aug 2011, 7:02 a.m.