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Full Version: HHC is less the 4 weeks away
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...and yet there's still almost nothing on the web site...it would be nice to have schedules, activities, etc.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the schedule ever firms up until a day or two before the conference, and there are sometimes big last-minute changes to the schedule even then.

If anyone is waiting to see the schedule before deciding whether to attend, don't wait. Just attend. AFAICT, very few people have ever left these conferences disappointed.

Erics right on all counts.

in fact, i was going to give a presentation but two things have happened:

completing the book for the conference and the topic is going to change to the "practical application of the 41CL" (maybe!).

some people don't even know they will be there until the day it starts and then decide to give a talk that was un-announced.

Very layed back, intense and FUN.

Cheers, Geoff

Hey, it isn't even September yet. One way to know what is "planned" is to check the Attendee list on the HHC website. I have two new firm papers to add after I post this. Those who are seriously interested attend, and as others have said, no one is disappointed. That is the history of HHCs, but this year is truly exceptional.

If you believe the press (as in Irene storm coverage)you could think that this might be the last HHC. It won't be the last, but this year has so many new and interesting topics to cover that if you are able to attend you will have attended one of the very best. I can't say why, (there are the obvious reasons), but this this one is indeed special.

The best place to get the latest and most accurate information is by signing up on the HHC List.

X < > Y,


Color me intrigued. :) See you there!