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Full Version: Victor V12 (HP-12c KIRF) on sale today $8.77
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For those of you interested in picking up one of the Victor HP-12c clones, it's on sale today for $8.77 at justdeals.com. Tax in California, shipping is $5 each unit, but if you use coupon code DEALNEWS1 you can get it $5 off. Or you can add them as a friend on Facebook and get free shipping.

Note that this is one of those "timed deals", so it will expire at about midnight Eastern timezone.

$8.77 is pretty good for this calculator; previously I've only seen them at about $20 on sale. I have no relation to justdeals.com or Victor - just an RPN calculator collector! ;-)



Dang! i missed this one. Must have been the cheapest programmable RPN and financial calc.

hpnut in Malaysia

Must have been the cheapest programmable RPN and financial calc.

No. The cheapest is the Hp-12C that I got from eBay for one Euro. Haven't even bothered to switch it on, don't care for financial calculators and LC displays. But no collection is complete without one...

Eh? No, it's still going on. About four hours left as of this message. It's here:


So...probably ending about 9pm PST.

Got one!

It wouldn't let me apply the coupon code, complaining that I hadn't reached a minimum amount.