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Full Version: OT: What Your Old Graphing Calculator Says About Technology
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There is an article about graphing calculators and their failure to evolve in the Atlantic. (The HP-50g is #6 on the list of Top Twelve best-selling graphing calculators on Amazon)


What about calculator evolution in the Pacific? I might have to gear up for a little electronics fishing soon ...

"In one of the purest computing tasks imaginable -- calculations and the graphic display thereof -- people choose a decade old technology."

Calculators still evolve fast compared to washing machines, vacuum cleaners, light switches, etc.....

Number 12 is the TI-89 Tit, presumably hardware version 4.

I'm surprised the HP 50G sells as well as it does, in light of TI strength in the GC market. But in objective reality, the HP 50G is a far more capable and easier machine to use for almost any purpose, compared to the less (Amazon sales) popular TI-89. The TI-89 Tit has a terrible display and lacks SD card support and many other hardware and firmware features that are standard on the HP.

Store stocks of the TI-89 Tit HW4 were cleared out last year at my local Wal-Mart for $42.50! I got one at that price (to go with my 14-year-old TI-89 HW1) and I still think it's overpriced!