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Full Version: HP Caesium atomic watch
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It seems that HP made more than one model of watch - this one being a caesium atomic clock. ;-)

And it has red leds, what nice design!

What...no calendar or stopwatch functions? Those LEDs are hard to see in direct sunlight too.

I predict limited sale success.

Is that an AC power cord entering the back of the instrument, ... er ... watch? I suppose with the other arm or a backpack you could carry a battery and power inverter.

Edited: 25 Aug 2011, 1:00 a.m.

It does have a battery pack.
That allows it to continue running when transporting it to and from calibration as well as during power outages.

I liked the other article on that site about taking a trio of them up to 5400 feet above sea level to verify Einstein's theory about time and space.


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