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Full Version: 1 calculator : LED or LCD
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This forum has got me curious to the older calculators. It seems that the 34c and 41c are the only models that could actually be used in anger now.

So, which is your "stranded on an island" calculator?

It says the 34c is easy to get on the guide, yet I dont see that many of them turn up.

So, which is your "stranded on an island" calculator?

If the stranding is for any significant length of time, it would have to be a really long battery life device. A voyager, maybe a 41 or best of all a slide rule.

- Pauli

Hehe, assume this island has a power point and charger :)

I had to make two & a half year "desert island" decisions at the end of '96 for lots of things: a calculator, 10 CDs/tapes, climbing equipment, books. Ended up choosing a CX with the early TDS ROM & full X memory, lots of Grateful Dead and Segovia, Lowe & MSR, Jung & Castaneda.

Almost maxed out the X mem and had to write a program to do one thing that the 48sx version already did, but it wasn't a desert and there were rainy days.

Today; i might take the WP-34 and try to port the D'zign programs onto it. Would need a lot of rainy days though.

The 41CX for sure!

Between the 41C/CV/CX and 34C I would take the 41C/CV/CX. However, why limit oneself? The HP34 is one of my favorite LED calculators. Attractive, compact, powerful. No I/O however (65 or 67 for that if you are looking for an LED calc).

The 34C used to be very easy to find. I don't see them quite as frequently now.