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Full Version: WP34s with custom finish :)
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I managed to flash a WP34s, after having all components (the cable and the calculator of course). It went without problems from the first time. Well, the only problem was finding a Windows machine, since in Wine the port COM1 refused to show up in the Samba v2.9 program, even when linking to /dev/ttyS0 in ~/.wine/dosdevices.

I'll just be honest, the custom key labels I stuck onto it are a pain on the eyes due to being too small and low contrast, but they're easy to remove.

One day I hope to be able to write a multiplatform program that can flash ROMs to this calculator through the serial port, and, to write different ROMs to put on this nice piece of hardware :)

Why different ROMs? ;-)

It's time for Eric Rechlin to get productive again. WP34S is gaining momentum and his overlays are unsurpassed until now.

Well, the possibilities for ROMs are endless! Adventure games, poker, chemical tables, brainf*ck interpreters, .....

Why not 34S user programs for most of these things?

You'll find the dot matrix display a joy to work with *not*.

- Pauli

Until said overlays will be available, please look here. Just a little adjustment: print width shall be 68 mm. Further help is found at the archives :-)

A grey variant could be nice!

Could be. Colours, however, were optimized for a next to black background. And be assured, it looks great on the 30b :-)

I will make more once I can. I need a new blade for my cutter. I ordered 3 new ones in July and they haven't even shipped yet, so a week ago I ordered 3 more from an Italian seller, but apparently Europeans don't believe in working in August so they aren't going to ship until next week. I seriously hope to have some made in time for the conference but I wouldn't expect them any sooner.


Hi Eric,

do you keep a list of people interested in your overlays? Where can I put myself on it - for one or two?


(who has the cable but still waits for the 30b to be delivered.)

EDIT: (who just got the calc and is now a happy WP34s owner with a dire need for an overlay!)

Edited: 24 Aug 2011, 12:41 p.m.

What kind of cutter is it, and on what kind of sticker paper does it get printed?

It sounds really hard to me to cut it out!