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Full Version: Alpha prompts in the WP34S
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Hi All,

I decided to spend my spare time on the beach playing with the WP34S emulator to get the hang of the machine.

How does one build prompting messages (to be displayed by the PROMPT command) which also include the question mark. How do you display a result (like Root=1.94983) that concatenates the text "Root=" with the contents of the stack or a memory register.

I know it is supposed to be similar to the HP-41C. Your assistance is appreciated. A short example will go a long way!


Edited: 22 Aug 2011, 5:48 p.m.

The question mark is on h-shift Q (h-shift 4). This is a fairly recent change.

To get a number into alpha properly formatted use [alpha]RC#

- Pauli

Thanks Pauli! I figured out how to display a message on the top line and the result on the bottom line.

I may have more questions.