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Full Version: Now this *really* makes me feel better about HP's moves
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I doubt Carly is capable of reading a financial balance sheet.


I disagree. this move spells the death of HP calculator group. it should be given to the test and measurement Agilent spinoff where real manufacturing still happens.

hpnut in Malaysia

I can't believe this woman is still talking about business and there are stupid people that gives heard to her words...
She killed HP in 2000...

The title of this thread is sarcasm, right?

Edited: 23 Aug 2011, 9:50 a.m.

I quit Compaq just before HP assumed ownership, thankfully.

Carly was a trainwreck from day 1, in my opinion.

Many companies become huge and end up being victims of their own successes. Microsoft, Cisco, and HP are good examples.

Like with Sam Kim, I hope that Tim and Cyrille will find positions elsewhere that honor their talents.

I like it where she says the management of HP is looking to the future. If these guys ran a grocery store, I can imagine the thinking might go like this:

(1) We sell milk, bread, potato chips and pop.
(2) Sales of milk & bread are flat.
(3) Sales of chips and pop have been rising for 30 years.
(4) Let's stop selling milk & bread.

AFAIK Carly is no longer with HP (thank god). So why should anybody care what she says in this matter? TIA for enlightenment if necessary.

Yes. :)

she embarrasses herself here without even realizing it.