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Full Version: What's this HP leather case for?
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I found a heavy black leather HP case in a thrift shop. It holds a 42S in its slipcase quite nicely, but it was probably not intended for that.

Flip-over top with a push-though snap closure; about 6.5 in. high and 4 in. wide. Two 4-in. long belt-loop slots on the back. (That's about 16 cm x 10 cm.)

Does anyone know what it was for?

I have a leather slip case for my 42S

How thick is it? It sounds more like an instrument case - possibly for a small multimeter or similar.

Does it look like the one in this auction?


There was also one like it made for the 33s, I think.

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I doubt that is leather. It looks like smaller version of the case that came with my HP-50g. The standard HP-33s case is slip style with no flap.

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It's much heavier than the one in the linked auction; the leather's about 1/8 in. (2.5 mm) thick, and not very flexible.

Case for an instrument sounds like the right direction.

Does that make this OT?

Thanks for the input.

Maybe a case for the 41? Does it look like this?

Looks like you've found an early HP field case. HP made them for various early models (35, 45, 67, etc). The belt slots are the
give-away for the vintage nature of the case...a calculator case worn on the belt today would draw uproarious laughter.

A good find!

Best regards, Hal

Yup, I have an identical one that fits my 41CX perfectly.

Nate has hit it on the nose.

Now who wants it? Free to a good home.

Update: The good home has been found, and the case is in the mail.

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I will take it if still avail.!