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Full Version: HP-30b successfully re-flashed to a WP-34s in Vista with SAM-BA 2.10 & USB-RS232 converter
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See addition to article 1060.

Congratulations :-)

Good news, thank you for!

Still trying to get SAM-BA working with the WP34S on Linux. Unfortunately Atmel supports on Linux only the CDC version. Serial SAM-BA requires some specialities not supported by the CDC variant, like sending some kind of sync characters for auto-baud initialisation, and probably others.

I use a FTDI chip based USB-to-serial converter.
Promising is the open source Sam-I-Am tool, but designed also only for CDC. Initial sync and auto-baud work now, but other commands except SAM-BA version query fail.

A further, less comfortable alternative for flashing may be sam7utils but up to now I get errors when the program tries to open the usb-serial port, with invalid ioctl() calls.


What is the _cdc version? I know it exists but have no idea what it is for.

As far as I get it, CDC is a serial port emulation 'on the far end', for two systems interconnected by USB. The embedded system uses then a own USB driver and hardware on chip, and no serial RxD and TxD pins anymore.

CDC stands for "Communication Device Class". Some explanation can be found in this Atmel App-Note.

Essentially, as the two system are now interconnected by USB, there seems to be no need anymore to be concerned about restrictions as given by a hardware serial connection. CDC supports also multiple interfaces, e.g. mass storage and networking.