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Full Version: High-end HP calcs discontinued?
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I've just read on the Samson Cables site that all HP calculators have been discontinued with the exception of the HP10BII, HP12C, and the HP30S. Is their information difinitive?


There doesn't seem to be anything about that on the HP site, and all of their current machines are available through their on-line store except the 17BII, 38G, and 48G+.

It would be a tragedy, if true... But not entirely surprising.

If you go to Hp's web site, you will see the Hp19, Hp39G and the Hp20s on clearence (at tremendous savings, not really). Clearance means that Hp is not going to continue manufacturing those items (according to Hp PR something better is in the pipeline, but more likely we'll just get the Pipe).

Anyone hear any different???

Sure enough, they're listed on the close-out page. Hmmm.

according to Hp PR something better is in the pipeline

Hopefully not "better" in the same way that the HP 30S is "better" than the 32SII... :^/

And the last ever non graphing, pocket sized, <$100 calculator bites the dust.


Even if it isn't RPN, I'll mourn the 20s

I can see it now ... "we consulted with educators and our new calculators conform with the latest NCTM standards"

NCTM = "National Council of Teachers of Mathematics" (just learned that on AltaVista).

FWIW, the used-electronics reseller from whom I bought a 34C and 41CV has told me how some unnamed high school math teacher's methods. (S)he instructs about graphing by listing the sequence of keystrokes to obtain specified plots, specific to a given type of graphing calculator (probably a TI). The propietor wonders aloud what is being taught in today's schools. Is this an isolated example, or standard practice?

-- Karl