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Full Version: WP34s "resources"
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Sorry for posting this as a separate thread, since it was discussed many moons below, but I wanted to at least make sure this got covered (offered).

I would be HAPPY to provide resource space for the WP34s project, if anyone in that group, or other fanboys ;-), would find that useful. That could be public AND/OR private discussion forums, blogs, hosting space, bug trackers, wikis, source code library, etc. Essentially whatever might be needed to help that worthy and amazing project out.

I currently maintain the wiki4hp.com site, but that doesn't mean you have to use the wiki software. I can pretty much host any software needed or requested.

I understand that the project is hosted on SF right now.

I understand and AGREE that the readers of THIS forum are hugely participatory in the development of the WP34s and I too would hate to see that shrink merely because discussions about it occur on another site.

If Dave can't spawn off a subset forum of this one, one solution might be a prominent link here to off-site forums, so that the users here would be able to see and participate. If Dave and I can work out some sort of single sign on solution, perhaps that would solve the access issue so that users wouldn't have to sign up again. I'm quite willing to work on this if Dave has the time and resources on his side (and I know he's a busy guy, FWIW).

Anyhow, I'm just putting this offer out there. I'm not framing it in any one solution path. If there's a different need or different software desired, I'm fine with that. I'm just offering the free hosting services for whatever might be needed. I'm a huge fan of this project and want to help make it successful and polished.

So. There ya go. :-)



Thanks for your kind offer. I appreciate it - nevertheless I hope we won't need it. From the opinions posted so far in said other thread, I conclude there's a majority voting for letting the WP 34S continue its life here among the other calculator topics treated.

Thanks again,