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Full Version: Pioneer keyboard quality discrepancies?
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I use an HP 32s as my everyday calculator (Made in USA, Serial # begins with 2836A). It looks like it got dropped into a wood chipper, when I got it it didn't work right, and I had to disassemble it and replace the keyboard to PCB foam strip. However, this calculator has a great keyboard. Every key clicks firmly and feels like it should. My 32sII and 48g (both made in Singapore, one in 1994, one in 1997) are almost as good.

A while back I bought another 32s, this one is a 50th anniversary edition one (Made in USA, serial starts 2901A) that looks nearly perfect except that the faceplate is scratched near the top and peeling off. It works fine, but the keys are mushy. Not rattly like the later production Indonesian-made ones often are, but just plain mushy. Some are better than others, but they're not as good as I would expect.

What causes this, and is it something that can be fixed? The calculator doesn't seem to have been used much, I don't see any of the wear from being taken in and out of the cover that my other 32s has (It's so worn that all the texturing has worn off of the sides of the rear case). I did notice that the ones near where the faceplate is peeling are worse than the others, and was planning to remove/reglue the faceplate anyhow, could that be it?