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Full Version: The first victim
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... of HP announcing a HP-15C LE is found here :-/

What, and they didn't even actually announce it yet! Or did they?

Looks like someone got officially notified.

The project lives.

"the DM-15CC is a new HP-15C clone in the size of a credit card
soon new prototypes will be shown..."

Looks like someone got officially notified.

I'm not quite sure what is going on there. I've followed it
somewhat with interest of a potential HP response to the
apparent resale of Voyager firmware but I'd assume from the
above they haven't taken issue with it as of yet.

The other interesting comment I'd seen was an initial claim
the emulator in use was nonpareil based. Seemed likely by
association as the rom image appears to be the cosmetically
modified version bundled with a former nonpareil version.

But when the subject of source availability per compliance
with GPL licensing arose, it wasn't nonpareil based anymore:

youtube link