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Full Version: A nice trade
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A good friend of mine had a 41cx from way back (1984) and decided he didn't use it as it should be used and wanted a good caretaker for it. However, he still wanted a calculator with RPN and I had a few duplicates (28S, 12C 35S, 48SX...). He liked the 35S, so.... a new family member.....

It's in impeccable condition, just a little dust from years of sitting; came with the Financial I module and the PPC ROM, of which I know nothing; and has the PPC ROM Pocket Guide that appears to be a preliminary request for routines that culminated in the "phone book size" manual. The commands in the pocket guide are gibberish to me, but hopefully I'll figure some of it out. Rest assured, I'll be a good caretaker.


Nice picture and a very nice calculator swap!! I think you got the better end of the deal!


I think you got the better end of the deal!

No kidding!

To Chuck – I apologize for an off-topic reply, but I can't find another way to reach you. I read your posts in Archive 19 concerning the ROM bug you found in the GAMMA function on the 42S. I have a new angle on that – would you email me through the forum? Thanks in advance… v/r Bob