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Full Version: WP34S Refurbishing project
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I have bought a HP30b. I have the cable. I have downloaded the latest files from source forge. I have the program to transfer the program to HP calculator. I am at a lost of what to do next. I am trying to follow the instruction from the website but filenames do not match up. What is the file name to load onto the calculator or do I need to created it form the assembler? Please Advise. I would also be interested in the overlay when available.

The file is calc.bin. If you've downloaded the zip file then you will find it in the folder named real. If you go directly to the SVN repository it's in trunk/realbuild.

I worked!!! Yeah I have a wp342. Just totally awesome. Thanks.
Now I need to work on the overlay.

Hi Tim,

I have bought a HP30b. I have the cable. ...

Where did you get your cable from? the wiki says you can by the online but I haven't had any luck googling - I may not be using the right search terms.



Send me an email through the forum.

I ask for $3 if sent to a USA address, $5 elsewhere. Paypal preferred. This *barely* covers my cost of materials and probably not my gas to the post office and surely not my time. :-)

You can ask nicely to Tim Wessman.

the cable was given for free last year at HHC 2010.

If you attends in San Diego, I am sure he will be happy to hand you one.


Gene has them now. He only asks that the "buyer" covers shipping expenses.