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Full Version: Source for 3M 8242-8 Cold Shrink
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I'm ready to start cleaning the amazing amount of goop out of my 9810 printer and repairing the platen with cold shrink tubing, as described by Tony Duell. The specific part number he mentions is "3M 8242-8 Cold Shrink", but I can't find this anywhere. Most online sites seem to use different criteria; for example, shrinkcon.com specifies minimum and maximum diameters the tubing can handle, rather than part numbers.

If anyone could point me to exactly what to get, I'd appreciate it.

Here is the PDF spec sheet for the tubing. Perhaps he meant 8424-8. It lists a min/max diameter of 0.1-0.82 inches, which is close to the diameter of 0.85 inches mentioned in this thread.

I suspect you're correct; I'll order an 8424 kit and cross my fingers...

Indeed I did mean 8424-8. Sorry....