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Full Version: Little help about 17bII+
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Hi, years ago I had a 17bII+ silver, nice machine, however due to missing keystrokes (specially 1 and 0) ended up in warranty claim, HP honored the warranty but again they sent another faulty unit. Both were discarded :(

Does any one knows if this issue has been cleared? I would appreciate any input in this theme. I believe/hope that in some point this issue has been solved, however there must be some units that still have this problem then the serial number becomes important...


I too have a silver 17bII+ (following an unfortunate combination of tea and a gold 17bII).

Occasionally I've had missing keystrokes, like you mainly with the "1". Over time I've come to believe this is a buffering problem rather than mechanical and reflected my habit of repeatedly pressing the CLR button before beginning a new calc. Now I've put myself on the straight and narrow and only press the CLR button once all seems good - no missing keystrokes.

I guess when one pays a lot for a calculator one has to learn to live with its eccentricities. Indeed I've just bought an expensive push bike and when I commented that the peddles were “plasticky”, the dealer thought I was lucky to get peddles included - there's something about paying more for less.

I have serial CNA7330nnnn and have no problems.