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Full Version: A speed comparison of the 41CL versus the 41CX (and my first YOUTUBE video)
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The video captions say it all, and it is a short video!

For all of you, the calculator states are identical:

program registers
storage registers
plug in xroms
plug in modules

The program uses synthetics and CCD functions along with an x-memory data base.

here is the link: speed comparison

Cheers, Geoff

p.s. I will try to make the next one a little more entertaining.

Edited: 2 Aug 2011, 6:41 p.m.

Wow ... and add video maker to you set of talents!!! I feel with my skills that I live in the stone age!


Shucks Namir...


now if I could master Mathematics as you have, now THAT would be a feat!


I am blushing!


Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego! I love to see the group sit in the lobby area and chat after the conference. You tell the coolest stories as a pilot. I missed the HHC last year because I went with the Mrs to Nice, Vienna (and yes I went to visit Freud's apartment) and then to Venice. No such nonsense this year.


That's the difference between working and usable!


Really nice video, the video camera is perfectly fixe and the two calculator displays perfectly readable. It's not as easy as it seem to get it right.

So, I notice that the HP-41 on the right (CX) is much fair that the one on the left (41CL) because she adjust running time to leave you time to enter any data on the first one and only prompting you for an entry when you have already finish with the first one and are ready to process.

Did anyone else notice how the 41CX is spending all her time not to stress you by spreading too much result at the time and prompting you for entries without a delay?

Really, the 41CL is not good for stress and too fast at business, ...

And you know, the more you do at work, the more your boss ask you to do!

Thanks for this graphic evidence Geoff, it surely reminds me my hysterical laughter and mouth-opening moments when doing my own comparisons using the 41Z functions with and without TURBO mode!

The CL is soooo much more that what meets the eye!