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Full Version: Ángel Martin, my Open Source Hero
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working with Angel on the CL utilities project is a treat!




Feel free to leave a comment on my blog. There are a few thousand readers, and I would like to inspire at least a tenth of a percent to dive into MCODE'ing ;)

Sign me up, with the CL it is a treat!!

Who is Angel Martin?
Creator of the 41x series?
Where did he learn as much knowledge about Mcode?
Like us, spending sleepless nights?
And not to create jealousy :-)
Diego Diaz (Clonix) and Mount (HP-41CL)
After this one could win Clonix and an HP-41CL :-)

My Names is Angel. Angel Diego Mount
Ready to create Mcode ;-)

Regarding Open Source - Linux developers want to be as open as Angel Martin.

Regarding Hero - Superman sleeps in Angel Martin pajamas.

Good job Angel!


Guys, Guys, thanks - this is flattering and a bit blushfull for a modest chap like me :-) I didn't do more than many others, just "too late" when no-one else was at it and thus it appears to be more than what it actually is.

What I do stand for however it the open access and sharing character of all those little things - that's what you can say I'm glad about.

You caught me without web access (still sporadic this couple of weeks), tryin'to unwind a little in the old country as they say.

Have a good one, and keep the beat loud!