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Full Version: HP15C Redux in Canada?
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CostCentral.com, which seems to be everyone's source here, ships only to the US.

Any Canadian fans catch wind of a Canadian distributor? My googling efforts are failing me...


Try these guys:


They seem to be the only ones left taking orders:

Can anyone confirm this is the correct P/N?

Yes, that is the correct P/N. However, who are these guys and can they be trusted ? Payment is by PayPal, which means you are charged immediately rather than at shipment time.

Thanks. Just ordered two, paid thru PayPal, accepted a Canadian shipping address. They only ship UPS, which I normally hate, because brokerage fees are often well in excess of the sales taxes that would've been assessed by Canada Customs had it come in by USPS.

Hope this is legit!


P.S. That is the right part number. Googling took me to a Samson Cables page which said the item wasn't for sale!

Just got an email from that company indicating that that item has been discontinued and my PayPal amount will be refunded.

Does this thing REALLY exist? Or is it a hoax like the 67CX?

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