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Full Version: HP calculator model unknown
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I just bought a HP calculator at a garage sale last week and was wondering if someone might be able to identify the model. It looks like the calculator is built on a HP-10C chassis. The square HP logo in the upper right hand corner fell off and there is no "HEWLETT PACKARD" sign in the lower left corner because under the "ON" button is a yellow "ON/OFF", under the "f" button is a yellow "USER 1" and under the "RCL" button is a yellow "USER 2". The ten key and decimal section is outlined in yellow and the top 3 keys in the upper left (yellow functions) is marked "FURLONGS, TIME and LENGTH". The serial number is 2838A68406.

Thanks for any info.

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A photo would be interesting. May that be a 10C or similar with a custom ROM?

That's definitively nonstandard. A picture, however, will be most helpful.

Perhaps the same one mentioned in this thread?


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Thanks for the link:-)

So it's an 11C with custom kbd overlay.


That's the ill-fated HP-13C, launched on the 13th Anniversary of Apollo 13!



dona nobis pacem

Do you know where I could get a users manual.