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Full Version: Working HP-70 sells for $123.50 on TAS
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Last Thursday a very clean fully functional HP-70 sold on TAS for only $123.50, after we've seen similar units sell for much more and even almost exceeding $1000. It was advertised as clean but untested, although the seller did allow for returns. So, how do I know that it is in good working condition ? Yes, indeed, I'm the lucky guy who won it, and I'm still amazed that I got it so cheap. I suppose the fact that the seller refused to ship outside the USA had something to do with it, and perhaps some of you outside the USA were watching and would have bid more if you had been given the opportunity. Still, I'm amazed that no one here was willing to bid more. The only other mitigating factor was that the auction ended at an awkward time, late afternoon on a weekday, when many people are between work and home, which is not an issue for me since I'm retired. I was fully expecting a last minute sniper bid, but it never came. So, today I received the HP-70, and the only issue is a touchy ON/OFF switch, which needs to be positioned half-way to work consistently and worn silver trim under the display. No corrosion, no cracks or scratches, labels intact and perfect, perfect keyboard and display, perfect battery door and latches etc. According the the MoHPC, the HP-70 is rated "Very Difficult" to find, and the lowest price recorded is $285. Perhaps it is time to downgrade its rarity ?

I saw that particular auction and was VERY tempted to bid on it. In fact last year or even 6 months ago I would have. At this time however pretty much anything is out of range for me (I had money put aside for the HP15C :-) but anything unplanned is a non-starter). So yes, I believe that the economy is having a negative (positive? depending on your view) impact on prices.


I've seen these too and wondered. How about the season? Summer folks are probably out playing.

That too <g>.

Well, there were six other bidders in this auction, so it's not like I was the only one that was interested. And one of those bidders a month ago was willing to bid twice as much on another HP-70 that he or she didn't win. Anyway, I'm just glad I got lucky in this case, and won't question my good fortune. Who knows, maybe an HP-95C will just show up at my door some day.

Edited: 26 July 2011, 12:40 a.m.