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Full Version: 55 already registered for HHC 2011 in San Diego! Sign up today
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HHC 2011 attendees so far!

This looks to be one of the best years yet. Great presentations, the unveiling of the HP 65CXi calculator with 128GB of mental flash ram. Don't miss all the excitement!

If you're thinking about coming, sign up today!

I'm still listed with 50%. The figure can be easily doubled. :-)

Dang, I was hoping for the 71B+ quantum handheld with the optional constant time matrix ROM.

You know, I think I'll settle for an HP-15C. :)

Ironically, the last high point in conference attendance (after the low of 19 on 9/15/2001 in Chicago, just 4 days after September 11th) was also in San Diego (in 2007) when the 35S was introduced. If I remember correctly, roughly 70 folks showed up to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the HP35. Perhaps this time we should be lighting 30 candles on a birthday cake for the PPC ROM, since the machine on which it runs is being reborn in the 41CL, not to mention that the 34S continues the sophisticated programming language of the 41 series.


Hey, Gene, is there is cost to attend this gig? The web site doesn't mention any...

There is a "love" gift (said with tongue and cheek) that you "offer" when you register.



It is usually fairly minimal.

Depends on the conference expenses.

Years when we have to pay for the meeting area / conference room tend to be more expensive than when we have the conference at a facility where the meeting space is donated, as it is this year.

The committee will be discussing the cost, but I certainly !! expect it to be less than $50 and more than $0.

Remember the "HP 65CXi calculator with 128GB of mental flash ram" Gene mentioned originally? ;-)