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Full Version: 34S - Problem With CLx
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While debugging a program on the 34S side-by-side with a 15C, I noticed that in the 34S, currently CLx leaves stack lift enabled, which is not the way HP calcs work. In the HP machines, the purpose of disabling stack lift with CLx was so if an erroneous number was entered, CLx would allow entering a replacement value without affecting the stack. For consistency, they kept this behavior the same while running in a program as well.

Hopefully, it makes sense to change this so it works in the 34S like all other RPN machines.



5 ENTER 6 CLX 8 + should return 13, not 8 as it does now.

Good catch, Jake!

I think this can be done. Thanks for testing.

Definitely a bug, I've got two fixes. One is much cleaner, a tiny bit larger and changers many opcodes. The other is ugly.

- Pauli

And the ugly but smaller fix is applied.

- Pauli

Wow. That was fast. So the CLX + bug is fixed as well as the stack lift issue with PI or a constant?

Very nice!

Hopefully they are both fixed. So are complex constants and complex RCL which were also broken by recent changes.

At least, they will be when we do a new build.

- Pauli