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Full Version: WP34s - Verifying Flashing
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I have flashed a HP30b with the latest code from sourceforge.

How do I verify validity of the flashing?

I have concerns as the response from the reflashed machine does not match the .pdf file flashing instructions. The On/PMT sequence seems to toggle Debug mode.

I have used X.fncs/Vers and get:

34s 2.0 1133

I presume this is correct.



ON + D is observed correctly as documented :-)

I didn't experience *any* incomplete flash so far, though I can't tell you about any verification procedure.



Thank you for the prompt response!

ps: Nice Job!!!! Thank you!!!


the HP procedures assume that you're flashing a firmware from them. If you reflash the 20b/30b with another 20b/30b image you get a 20b/30b which responds to ON+D as documented by HP.

If you reflash the 20b/30b with a WP 34S image you get a WP 34S which responds to ON+D as documented by Walter. :-) There is not a single bit of HP code left after reflashing and therefore HP's documentation about the behavior of you calculator no longer holds.

One of the differences concerns the reflashing process itself: There is no longer the need to clear all of flash memory in order to get the device into SAM-BA boot mode. ON+D followed by a double ON+S (ON+6) does the trick. The documentation tells you more about the details. The main benefit is that this will preserve a previously created backup of the RAM in your calculator and all installed libraries.

If the calculator boots you can be pretty sure that the flashing has completed. If you are in doubt, SAM-BA provides a verify mechanism.

Edited: 10 July 2011, 2:37 p.m.

As a note, niether Cyrille nor myself have ever seen a failed flash either in the thousands of times we've flashed things. If it connects and sends, it is good.


Perhaps a 'ROM' checksum check (self test) could be added using a few of the spare bytes? Posibly using STO ENTER like the old SPICE series?
I would not be suprised if it was already there as the guys producing the WP34 firmware seem to have done an excellent job.

Mike T.

There isn't a ROM checksum. Wouldn't be difficult to add one. Adding one that checked for the correct value would be a little harder but not much. Honestly, this hasn't come up -- I've not had a bad flash and it seems HP hasn't either.

STO ENTER can't be used for this purpose.

- Pauli