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Full Version: HP 15C
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I have a pristine boxed HP15 C still in plastic packaging with manual guarantee never opened. amazing!!

Also I have one boxed in its case with guarantee manual pristine

also one loose in plastic case perfect (may have manual for that one somewhere)

These are perfect pristine items .

I've never used them

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Please post your offer the Classified Ads section.

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Oh ok

No need to apologize. No harm. No foul. There's a couple of members of this forum that live near you. They may know someone that wants to buy one of you units and youall might save shipping, paypal and customs headaches. So you might try that ad in the classifieds with a title like "New 15Cs near London".

A new 30 year old HP is a gift from god. Some guy wants to flog a couple and thinks of us before ebaby; we should give him a medal, not bark at him. You, me & the regulars can follow the rules and cut guests some slack.

Hello db,

Thank you for your advice, I have posted them... any idea how much they are worth? I'm not a math geek I'm the worst mathematician in the world!! I want some one to look after them as they are special I think.




Who said he was selling it?

Maybe he's just bragging!



dona nobis pacem

See his message posted before yours.

Hi db,

People are offering me crazy money for these HP's any advice???
What are they really worth?
Want to know what I could sell them for before it gets too out there!!!



No one really knows for sure. Local and in person means more to the buyer because it is a for sure deal, high price and ease of money transfer are important to you. The saying goes that it's worth what it sells for, and that changes daily. It's too bad you just can't do it openly on this forum with the guy or girl offering the most getting it. All that said: Dave Hicks who runs the Forum has listed three Mint In Box 15C transactions for between $306 and $455. No telling when those sales were and what the inflation vs. economic downturn factor would be. Calculators are going for a bit lower today than they were 3 years ago (fewer/lower bidders) but what do i know.

The 15 is one of the Holy Trinity of HP calculators that working people still really use fairly commonly. The sealed one may get put in a glass case but the last on your list might get used by someone crunching numbers on a daily basis.

You mentioned not being a numbers guy. You might consider keeping one of these or buying a cheaper RPN programmable with your "ill-gotten-gains" anyway. A 15c, 41 or 42 will effectively raise your IQ about 20 points, unless you work in finance. Then of course; there's no hope. The 34s that folks here invented and that you make from 3 different sources is very impressive. They are all dam nice tools.

Thanks for recognizing these jewels and not just throwing them away.

Ren; That made me laugh. My own 15c looks like it fell out the south end of a north bound cow. I'd brag if i had a pretty one too. -db