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Full Version: Emu48+ for HP-39gs/40gs?
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does any Emu48 expert know if it's possible to emulate the HP-39gs/40gs with this emulator?

I've read that Emu48+ supports HP-39G+, and since the 39gs has similar (or even identical) hardware, I guess it should be possible.

Unfortunately I've found no way so far to convert the 39gs/40gs ROM updates (which can be found at hpcalc.org) to the usual Emu48 emulator ROM format - all conversion programs I've tried are failing with this *.bin file (has something like KINPOUPDATE in the file header).

So my 2nd question: does such a conversion program for this 39gs/40gs.bin format exist, which gives a usual ROM file for Emu48?