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Full Version: Programming tools for HP49g, HP50g
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I fell some days ago onto a tool called HPUserEdit. Despite being in Spanish at first install, it can be put in most common languages, and it is a very useful tool for UserRPL programming. It allows even to create libraries, embeds the latest emulator (to which you can send the libraries just written), and is freeware.

I imagine that the lack of comments is due to some other tool being even better. In that case, which one?

Here is the link to the programmer website (you can find it as well on HPcalc.org website - an endorsement in itself


Debug4x (www.debug4x.com)

Most of that, at least the initial parts, were developed by HP for creating the 49g.


I use HPUserEdit v5 very often and I think it's a marvelous tool for User RPL programming. I don't know better tools for User RPL. Note that the programming wizards for CHOOSE / INPUT / INFORM commands are fine.

The french translation is OK even if the help file is not translate

It's a mystery to me why this soft is so unknow (perhaps because it is in spanish for the first install but others languages are available)

I dont have a perfect usage of it perhaps because of the lack of manuel in english or french . For exemple I don't understand why there is two stacks display in the software.


You are so right! The utility is a little Gem. I was able to set the IDE language to English. As you commented it is not as popular, probably because it initially installs in Spanish.


Allow me also to thank the creator of this programme. It has helped me so much for the creation of User RPL programmes for my calcs.

It's a pity that not many people know about its existence.


Just one question, how do you set the language to English?

1) Select Opdones from the menu bar.

2)Select the Idiomas menu. This menu shows another popup menu.

3) Select English (1) or English (2), or any other language that appears in the popup menu.


Edited: 13 June 2011, 8:42 a.m.

Sorry to be a pest, but I cannot find opdones in the menu bar.

My menu bar reads "archivo, edicion, Busequeda, ver, emulador, herranientas, opciones, ayuda". I have tried all of the menu options without any success.

Thanks for your help so far.

On the menu bar click the next to last tab on right (Opciones) then click / point mouse on 'Odiomas' then select 'English (1)'. That should do it.


I made English language files for it for several versions. It changed so often I couldn't keep up and eventually quit. I may give it another try. The included English file is usually incomplete. I think the author relies on others for the non-Spanish language files. Great program though.