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Full Version: Wp34s beta 2: possible serious bug in integer mode
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I just noticed this now because I usually enter values in hex and not in binary, but this seems serious.
I have the calc set to 16 bit unsigned. If I try to enter a 16 digits long binary integer, only the first 12 digits are "understood", and become the lowest bits of the number. The rest of the bits (the most significant ones) are filled with zeroes.

Example: if I try to enter 1234h in binary, which should be 0001 0010 0011 0100, on the display I see 0001 0010 0011b. If I switch one page to the left, I see 0000b.
I should have seen 0010 0011 0100b, and 0001 on the left page.

Same thing on the emulator, updated to latest version.

Bug or mess-up on my part? :)


Just to add to my previous post, this happens also in other bases and in other word sizes - all the bases and word sizes that produce a number with more than 12 digits. Only 12 digits are entered, the others are ignored.

Other modes as 1c, 2c don't fix the issue; and even turning off leading zeros doesn't fix it.

Ciao Cristian,

That's no bug - it's a feature. You can't enter more than 12 digits in any base. No blind typing ;-) But you may of course enter 76543 octal and change the base to binary thereafter.


Ah... Ok. I thought the intended behaviour could have been, for example, a scrolling screen - i.e. when entering "extra" digits, the whole display scrolls to the left and the leftmost digit disappears, going to the other page - exactly as it happens on the 16c.
It's lucky then that I don't enter binary numbers directly very often! :)