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Full Version: candidate for the " All Time Crazy Bids" award...
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(EUR 404 = USD 360)

cheers, hans

'though it seems to be madness, there is some method in it'
(w. shakespeare, hopefully correctly quoted)

I don't think it's a particularly 'crazy' bid at all.
If you have the money to spend and you want the item
so much, there's nothing illogical in bidding such amounts
of cash for it.

As an example, I'm sure you've read in the papers that
such and such celebrities have spent an incredible amount
of money buying this or that stupid thingy, an amount
no one with less money would dare to consider. But if you
are a really big spender and it catches your fancy, then
why not ? It's just a matter of scale, not of logic.

Also, the item itself if very, very tempting to any
HP collector or former synthetic or M-CODE programmer,
don't you think ? The bottom line is, I think it's
worth the final high bid, and just you wait and see
how many simoleons will be paid for a much less rare
PPC ROM module for the HP-41C/CV/CX in a year or two.

If that one is crazy, then what would you consider this one???


Crazy ... ?

I paid $305 for my HEPAX with 16K RAM two years ago,
and it did not come with manuals. That took hunting and searching ebay for a year.

By far, it is my most valuable (and I use it) HP-related item. It allows copying a ROM image, 4K at a time (I can do three 4K images) to RAM in the HEPAX, and run them as if they are installed. I have an original sales flyer from VM Electronics, and EduCALC catalogs. The catalogs have a list price higher than these bids.

Mine will never be for sale or trade, but I may list it specifically in my will.