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Full Version: Speaking of CAS: CAS48 or Erable?
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Firstly apologies, I'm new to HP calcs on the whole. So a bit of a 'noob' (Hate that term).

However it seems for the 48GX it IS possible to install a comprehensive Computer Algebra System (CAS) on it.

So far i have discovered Erable & CAS48

Is there a direct comparison table that compares the features of these two applications?
Which is the best & most complete?
Which is the most stable?
Which is the fastest?

Are these the only two CAS systems available for the 48GX? - Are there others?

I would have asked this on the hpcalc.org website, but unless someone can point it out, it doesn't seem to have a Forum?

Many thanks for your wisdom!

I don't know CAS48 and have only marginally played around with Erable on my 48G but the latter must be good enough for having been adopted by HP for their CAS machines, most notably the 49G and 50G series. The function set you find in these calcs is provided in large parts by Erable if I remember correctly.