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Full Version: WP34S key 'SHOW' ?
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What's the use of this function 'SHOW' (h EXIT) ?

It seems to work only in program mode (where it displays any hex-numbers), but I couldn't find any description in the manual.

Please look on page 57 of v1.18.


Thanks Walter, now I see it!

The search function of my Adobe reader didn't find this ...

Luiz' font seems to be not searchable/findable for standard search functions - it doesn't work in MS Word either :-)

Ok, there are a few other questions of mine: ;-)

1) are there any plans to make a list (catalog) of ALL WP34" functions/commands?

(I remember having read something like this some time ago)

For this the above mentioned SHOW key would be a choice ...

2) IIRC I've read that the cursor-up/down keys are repeatable!?

Has this still not been implemented, or does it only work on the real calculator? (at least is doesn't work on the emulator, but would of course be comfortable for scrolling through catalog lists)


Edited: 3 June 2011, 12:01 p.m.

AFAIK, all functions are listed in the index. We use different catalogs for some structuring - and we didn't have such convenient search tools when we started.

Repeating the arrow keys is HW-driven, so it won't work with the emulator.


1) are there any plans to make a list (catalog) of ALL WP34" functions/commands?

Unlikely. The full catalogue will run us out of flash -- about 950 distinct commands in the command set at two bytes each. I can think of a better use for this much flash e.g. another user code page or two e.g.

IIRC I've read that the cursor-up/down keys are repeatable!?

On the real device yes. Although I don't use this feature much given the alpha navigation in the catalogues.

- Pauli

Edited: 3 June 2011, 10:10 p.m.

Now that I'm becoming more familar with the some 'special' keystrokes, I wonder why you haven't use a bit modified assignment of the alpha characters to the calculator keys!?

As it is now you have to press an additional ENTER for some functions when addressing the registers Z and T (e.g. STO Z or RCL T), because these T and Z are on the * and + keys.

Why didn't you use the following layout for the letters M to Z:

M N O P Q on XEQ 7 8 9 /

R S T on 4 5 6

U V W on 1 2 3

X Y Z on 0 . R/S

With this shifting left one column of R..Z this additional ENTER for addressing Z and T registers could have been avoided.

I know it's now a bit (too?) late for any changes, but maybe it's worth thinking about it.


Edited: 4 June 2011, 7:38 a.m.

Ok, forget it, in my idea above now T would be in conflict with 6 and X with 0, and that's in fact the same problem, too!

There are just not enough keys for so many functions ... ;-)

There is also the extra constraint that 0 and 1 had to be left (mostly) alpha-free for use with conditional tests. Believe me a lot of thought has gone into the layout and interface.

- Pauli