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Full Version: Need Info on HP-82905B Printer
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Recently I unearthed a couple of items from the storage room where I had them for a few years, one being the 82905B printer (HP-IL option).

The unit is in excelent condition but unfortunately the paraffin capacitor on the power supply board (where the power-on switch is placed) died with a nasty "pop". Not a major issue, it didn't cause more harm but I need to find a suitable replacement and have no reference. Anybody has access to the schematics or a replacement board?

Being a clone of the Epson MX-80 should help, that was a popular model back then. It also needs a new ribbon cartridge of course, not surprising after its extended "sleep".

Appreciate any information you can send.

Edited: 3 June 2011, 4:32 a.m.

You can get some information on this printer, including my schematic, from the Australian museum site.

There appear to be 3 capacitors on the power switch PCB (MFIL II PCB). C1, the large 1, is 100nF. C2 and C3 are 4.7nF each. I assume that C1 is class X (rated to stand mains) and C2,C3 are Class Y2 (rated to stand mains and cannot fail short-circuit).

The printer will run (at least for testing) with any/all of these capacitors removed.

Many thanks Tony, got the info from the museum site as per your suggestion.

I've located a Panasonic ECQU2A104ML that I believe will be a suitable replacement - now it's hunting time...


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